Saturday, August 17, 2013

Video Tutorial: Scrunchy Bulletin Board Border

I have now created 3 scrunchy bulletin board borders in my classroom.  After many people coming in to ask how I did it, I decided that a tutorial might help.  

Below you will find a  picture/video tutorial on how to create a scrunchy border in your classroom. 

Bulletin Board Paper 
Glue Gun
This is a close up picture of the one that I did.  This one lays over another piece of border. 

The finished product. 

Start with a long strip of bulletin board paper.  The width of the strip will determine if you do a thin border or a thick border.  For this window, I did a thin border. 

Crumble the strip up into a tight ball. 

Unroll the ball and you are ready to begin. 

Below you can watch the video of how I made the bunchy part of the border.  First, you glue the top piece in place.  Next, you literally bunch the paper up until it creates a poofy look.  Then, glue that in place form underneath.  Last, crunch pieces in place that look different and glue if needed.  

Live & Learn 
1) I have now done 3 boards like this.  Until you have one entire side complete and maybe even into an L shape - it won't look right.  You will think that it's horrible and you are doing it wrong.  I encourage you to keep going until the L is formed and then decide.  

2) You do not need to do a border under the scrunchy paper, you can just to a thicker scrunchy as the main border if you choose.  I doubled up for this because it was a window and it didn't look right. 

3) If you hot glue to the border, you will ruin the border for future use.

4) It is probably possible to staple the scrunchy onto your bulletin board if you are careful.  This way, you will not ruin the bulletin board frame.  I have an obsession with hot glue so that's always my first choice. 

5) It does not take long to complete once you get into the groove of scrunch and go! 

6) The width of the strips do not need to be exact or even cut straight.  Once it's scrunched up you really can't tell the difference.  

7) The wider the strips, the wider the border.

8) You will probably burn your fingertips some while creating your masterpiece! 

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