Sunday, November 25, 2012

December Units & Cyber Monday

It's Sunday evening and I am linking some of my newest units for you below.  I would like to make shopping for Cyber Monday + Tuesday on Teachers Pay Teachers as easy as I possible. 

I have decided that I think we should change Cyber Monday to Cyber Sunday.  It just makes sense.  It sounds better AND don't we all have to go back to work tomorrow???  I had plenty of time today to spend money online at a leisurely pace.  As it stands, I feel like tomorrow when my alarm clock goes off it will be a race! Either way, HAPPY SHOPPING! Remember you can add items to your cart and they will save for when you are ready to checkout.

Friday, November 9, 2012

What are you thankful for?

Shake Your tail-feathers! 
Yvonee, Erica, and Kayce! Ladies, check your email. 

I just finished my Thanksgiving turkey unit in the nick of time.  
Is anyone else wondering where November went?  

I have my lessons ready to go and everything  for next week prepared which means I can enjoy this fabulous 3 day weekend.   If you're planning and preparing still, be sure to head to my Teachers Pay Teachers store and check out my Thanksgiving units.  

Here are a few sample pictures from my newest unit...
This is an accordion book which could be used for so many skills.  I plan to use it to introduce next weeks words.  There's just something about giving students paper to fold and 3 minutes to color that gets their attention!  They'll listen to whatever you want them to put in the little boxes because they'll be loving their mini book. Promise! 

My favorite project that we do during this time of year...
I love discussing the things that we are thankful for.  These are the moments that you see the world through a child's eyes.  It always warms my heart when they say they're thankful for ME! 
This unit also includes a page similar to this turkey for students to write what they are thankful for.  I take these pages and make them into a class book so we can enjoy reading it together.  The turkeys go home. 

Hand prints for holidays have been around for years and I can still remember doing them when I was in school. I wanted to make sure to capture some memories for mom and dad as we discuss the things we're thankful for this holiday season. 

If you would like this unit for free, leave a comment telling me 3 things you are thankful for...I will choose 3 random winners this weekend. 

What 3 things are you thankful for?


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