Monday, April 29, 2013

#teachertalktuesday (instagram)


I've had an Instagram account for awhile now.  Let's be honest though...the buttons on the app don't have words and I just keep pushing them until something happens.  I eventually get it together enough to post a picture.  I now have a handful of followers and whenever someone gives me a little love (likes my photo) my heart does a little flip flop!  It seems to me that ALL the teachers of the world are taking over Instagram with amazing classroom pictures and even REAL LIFE pictures.  Of course teachers love to follow other teachers so I've teamed up with this Teacher Talk Tuesday linky.  

Oops! I just realized I need to add my Teach It With Class graphic! 

My new addiction...Shakology! My teacher friend Mrs. Crow (who I think I almost have convinced to start her own blog) and I have been drinking a shake for lunch for about 2 months now.  It has made a world of difference in our health/fitness goals! 

The goslings that live across the street from my neighborhood.  I just love these little guys and always stop to watch them as they grow and hobble along. 

There are just a few of my favorite/most recent Instagram pictures.  I hope you'll consider following me so we can catch a glimpse into each others lives. 

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