Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Currently

LISTENING - General Hospital - I am still a faithful fan of General Hospital.  I don't really think there are many fans left since it's one of the only soap operas still on.  In my defense, I was sucked in when I lived overseas and I only had one station on TV.  When I would get off work it was on.  10 years later I still DVR it daily! 

LOVING -  T25 - My new workout program.  I think it's more of a love/hate relationship but it seems to be getting the job done so I'm sticking with it.  Shaun T on the other hand - I don't love him! If you're interested you can read more about it here.  Here is a picture of my favorite tank to work out in.  Don't be too judgy - no makeup and it was EARLY!
Sweating for the Wedding!

THINKING- About wedding stuff!  - There is a lot of work in getting a wedding together! Sheesh.  Who knew? Not this girl.  Thank goodness I have fabulous friends to help. On the bright side I get to make more to do lists and it is really fun to get to check things off of them.  I now have 3 categories for my to do list "home", "school", and "wedding".  Here I am - probably a little too excited about my invitations! 

WANTING - the last days of summer to slow down - Who isn't wanting this right? I adore being a teacher.  It really is part of who I am.  With that being said I give it my ALL. I am wanting to enjoy a few more lazy days before I head in to tackle my classroom.  I don't just go for a few hours here and there...when it's time, I sort of...kind out until it's done.  I even bring bread and PB & J to eat so I don't have to stop working.  I just don't like to work for a few hours at a time...Truth be told, until it's done I can't really sleep anyway so I might as well be working.   

NEEDING- to decide what borders to use in my classroom - I am so undecided about this! Grrr...I'm doing an owl, chalkboard, chevron theme.  I know it sounds like a lot.  You can check it out here if you want.  I can't decide how far to take the chevron theme.  I read an e-card on Instagram the other day and it scared me.  I can't find it anywhere now or I would post it.  It implied that Chevron is cool today but so was shag carpet once too...something like that.  You get the idea.  So...I'm undecided about border. 

 1) Iced Coffee - preferably from McDonalds

2) New Planner - Oh I love my new planner so much.  It's beautiful and functional! You can check it out here. I've shared them with my new 2nd grade team and I can't wait to see them all at planning! 

3) Picture Books - I just can't resist. So many books so little time.  
caught me! 

I hope you'll link up with Farley's currently so I can see what you're up to!


  1. Hi Randi,

    Stopping by from Farley's.

    I don't envy you with wedding plans, but best of luck with your big day! I hope it is all you want it to be and more!

    Making It As A Middle School Teacher

  2. Long time, no see! I've been really bad at blog stalking since before the death of Google Reader, and feeling a bit out of the loop!

    Visiting your site always makes me just a tad wistful as the bit about your "angel mother" resonates with me, as well. :-/

    I also totally hear you on the #teacherproblems issue! We were just in a book store earlier today, right after I met a fellow teacher to buy $100 worth of used resources from her! LOL

    Mme Aiello @ <a href=">Teaching FSL</a>

  3. Congrats on the wedding!

    I cannot get enough picture books either...ever...LOL.

    Flamingos and Butterflies

  4. Wedding plans can definitely be overwhelming...but it is so worth it! I can't get enough of picture book myself... Every year I tell myself NO MORE BOOKS...but I can't resist. lol

  5. We're with you on the picture books! Wish we could have lots and lots!!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  6. I'm totally with you on the wedding planning chaos! I'm getting married December 28 and this planning in STRESSFUL! I told people they might just want to steer clear of me in December :) Planning teaching time and wedding time might just kill me...


  7. I watch an episode of GH the other day and couldn't believe how fast the kids grew up. Lulu was like 2 years old last time I watched! If I had a DVR I might still be watching it. Love the bookstore pic-I'm on probation right now from buying any more-Amazon loves me right now though! :)


  8. Congrats on the upcoming wedding! It is such an exciting time. I love iced coffee, but I really love an iced café Americano from Starbucks. It's stronger and that is what I usually need.

    Third Grade Galore

  9. Planning a wedding? Me too! I don't know how your managing so well....I am getting married next May and I am frantic that the lists and to-do's are never going to end!
    Have a great weekend!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  10. Hi Randi!
    Planning a wedding?! How fun! This week I just celebrated my 21st wedding anniversary and my parents their 58th!

    I wish 58 years of happiness for you, too!



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