Monday, September 1, 2014

Sit Spots - Assigned Classroom Seating

Sometimes you don't know what you have until it's gone. 
For years I've had a classroom carpet with alphabet squares for my students to sit on.  I always assigned students a letter to sit on and they did.  End of story.  They had a pretty colorful box all their own and they stayed inside of it. 

This year after moving to a new school, I no longer had that carpet.  At first, I thought how bad can it be?  I'll just assign spots.  
They'll remember I told myself.  
We'll practice self control and personal space I thought.  

Well, we're only 5 days in and my Sit Spots saved my sanity arrived Thursday when I got home from work.  
I may have done a happy dance in the driveway. 

After 4 days of bumping into each other and crooked rows, we spent a few minutes Friday morning arranging our Sit Spots.  These are INCREDIBLE, LIFE CHANGING, GENIUS,  little pieces similar to Velcro that stick to my carpet and don't move.  They are however removable if you pull them up hard enough.  They won't leave any residue on the carpet like tape would and they come in a lot of colors and shapes.  You can also wash and reuse them or even write on them.  I chose the pocket shape because I always remind my kiddos to "Put your pocket on your pocket." 

I gave the kids a few minutes to just fell them and play with them so they wouldn't be doing it during instruction time.

Up close you can see my pocket shape better. I can already think of other ways I'll be able to use these on my carpet and can't wait to play with them.  

Seriously, these little things have changed my life this week with my little ones.  We now know exactly where to go and how much space we have because we put our pocket on our pocket.  I'm in love.  The company did send me a sample Sit Spot to make sure it would work on my carpet. 

To buy your own set of Sit Spots click the picture below. 


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