Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Blog Lovin - Follow Me

I read a LOT of blogs, and right now, about half of them are in Google Reader, the rest I read in BlogLovin’-  .  The breaking news and the purpose of this post , is to let you know that Google Reader is about to disappear!

 The good news is that BlogLovin is taking over.  I personally think it's easier.  So, no worries if you’re a Google Reader user, don’t be sad- BlogLovin’ will import all of your favorite Google Reader blogs to their reader in just ONE click.
 So, if you’re a Google Reader fan, use BlogLovin’ to keep all of your feeds-click on the link below or the picture above to follow me on BlogLovin'!


  1. I loved that it imported all of my Google Friend Connect blogs.

    You Might Be a First Grader….

  2. I'm following you. :) Stop by and follow me too.

    Mr. Michelbook's Classroom

  3. I love Bloglovin! I am following you everywhere I can because you do amazing work! :) Enjoy the rest of your summer; here in my area of Florida, school starts back in just a few short weeks.



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