Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Mean Green Pencil Machine

Attention teachers! Listen up...I am one lucky gal!  I just received this pencil sharpener in the mail from Classroom Friendly Supplies and it's going to change my life.  I know, you're skeptical...so was I. 

Until I started sharpening the cheapo pencils that usually go into the pencil sharpener but never ever come back out.  You know the ones. They're all shiny and sometimes even glittery.  The little ones bring them to you all hopeful and excited about a new pencil.  You smile and put it into the pencil sharpener and then you turn the handle and turn and turn and turn.  Only to find out that you have to dash their dream and explain to them that this pencil isn't going to sharpen.  

If you're a teacher or have worked in a classroom you know that I'm not exaggerating. I wish that I was.  I have spent countless hours sharpening pencils in my life.  If anyone ever makes the mistake of asking me if I need any help, I immediately send them to the pencil sharpener to get a head start on sharpening.  I also happen to be a pencil hoarder and have 100's maybe thousands of pencils.  It's crazy I know but I have this adorable little container from Lowe's 

that I store my pencils in and it truly brings me happiness.  I have this container filled to the top and I also have 2 gallon Ziploc bags filled with pencils too.  I usually stock up during the summer when/if Staples has their penny sales.  Don't judge.  It just makes me happy.  

Back to the topic at hand, the LAST PENCIL SHARPENER YOU WILL EVER NEED TO BUY.  Seriously, this little retro looking pencil sharpener just plain works.  It was designed by a teacher for teachers and that right there should be enough for you to give it a chance Troy Decoff is the owner and founder of this sharpener which can be found at  Classroom Friendly Supplies

It's summer around here so I had to go on a hunt to find some pencils.  Oddly enough, I was able to find your classic number 2 pencils and some super cheap Christmas pencils.  Perfect. Here is my journey in pictures. 
Here he is.  I'm naming him the "Mean Green Pencil Machine". 

My random pencil collection.  The plastic box easily slides out to empty shavings. 

You don't have to, but you can clamp it down to any surface that has a lip.  The little thing-a-ma-jig twists up and down to adjust for size. I think this is a nice added bonus. As much as I move furniture around in my room this is actually a relief to not have to commit to screwing a pencil sharpener down. 

Here is how you start sharpening. The Mean Green Pencil Machine has a pull out part that clasps the pencil. See how the pencil is staying where it belongs?

Now, you can hold the pencil sharpener with one hand and turn with the other hand.  You don't  have to hold the pencils. The Mean Green Pencil Machine does all the work! It slowly pulls the pencil in to the base and that's when you know it's done.  Please excuse my sweatpants. It's summer~need I say more?

Not only did it sharpen various cheap pencils, EVERY pencil wrote without snapping the point.  It's hard to explain, but not only did it sharpen the pencil, it made it a strong sharpened pencil.  Hmmm...I know that sounds odd, but it's as though it left the lead thick enough to actually write too! Imagine that :) 

So there you have it, the last pencil sharpener you will ever need.  You can grab yours HERE

If you're still not convinced, you can watch videos HERE or read other reviews HERE.  

*Please note, I was not paid to review this product. I volunteered to do this review because this  product works.*

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  1. I'm so jealous! I have been trying to get this pencil sharpener since last school year! Everytime I go online to order one, it is out of stock!!! Keep us posted on how well it holds up throughout the year! Stop by my blog and say Hi! I would love to have you as a new follower!

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