Monday, January 2, 2012

I can find 100 numbers!

The 100th Day of School is just around the corner...are you ready?

Every year I blow up 100 balloons (with a pump of course) first thing in the morning and it's always a great start to the day.  Students arrive at their desks to find "100" written with a Twizzler and 2 cookies!

I love to embrace this crazy made up holiday with as many fun activities as possible.  Another activity I always do is tape 100 colored numbers around the room.  Then, I give each student a 100's board and the hunt begins.  They search around the room for each number,  find it on their 100's board and color it the correct color.  The first student to correctly find and color 100 numbers wins! This activity is great because you can start and stop throughout the day and for my first graders, it usually takes awhile to complete.  Of course, this year I had to spice up my numbers a bit. 
You can find this activity HERE



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