Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bunny Fun in Room 4

I've had some fun this week with my little "bunnies"! It has been 4 days of hopping, cotton tail shaking and April Fools Day jokes (yep, we're still stuck on that).  

We used my Bunny Ears unit which is posted on Teachers Pay Teachers if you're interested. 
After reading non-fiction information about rabbits, we labeled the parts of a bunny to help us with our writing activities for the week. I had one little boy who was getting so upset as we did this activity.  He sits by my feet so I can bop him on the head redirect him when I need to. Each time someone would give me an answer of what we could label on our bunny, he would say "Ahhh they can read my mind!" This happened 3 times and by the third time he was totally flustered.  Not to worry, I reassured him and explained that there were a limited number of answers and nobody was in his head ;)

  One of my favorite activities of the week was when we "egged" our principal and assistant principal.  I divided the class into two groups.  One group wrote sweet notes to the principal and the other groups wrote notes to the assistant principal.  I let them choose their group and it was interesting to see who they chose.  Each student then wrote a sweet note saying why they were thankful for them and put it in a plastic egg.  Then we sneakily waited for them to not be in their offices and we placed the plastic eggs all over their offices.  Thus, egging them.  We left a sign on the door and then disappeared.  This was hilarious.  My kiddos really thought they were getting away with something the way we had to sneak to do it.  It was so much fun! Thankfully the people we egged thought it was just as much fun.
We also had an Easter Egg Decorating contest.  I hung all of the eggs in the hallway windows with a sign asking for parents and staff to vote for their favorite egg.  I was a little nervous at first because I didn't want anyone to be disappointed if they didn't win. In the end, there were 4 eggs that had the majority of the votes.  The first place winner was a little boy who struggles in school and life in general but is as sweet and eager to try as can be.  I couldn't of picked a better person to have won! He beamed with shock and pride when he realized he won first place.  After seeing his reaction and the support from his classmates, I was so glad that I went ahead with the contest.  Since we did winners through 4th place, the other 3 who won were also students who need a little extra encouragement.  
 All of the eggs outside my classroom. 

The first place winner! 

We made Bunny Food - which my little bunnies seemed to be eating every chance they could.  We used Edible Easter Grass and concluded that it tastes like the cone of an ice cream cone. After relentless requests for me to try it and see if I agreed, I did, and it does! 
Did you know that if we could hop everywhere like an Easter Bunny then we would get there faster???  Apparently, this made all the difference to my little ones.  We had bunny races where one student walked to the finish line and one student hopped to the finish line.  The hopper always beat the walker! After we proved  this over and over again a few times we made a class book about it. The places they decided to go since they could get there faster were surprising (China, Las Vegas, Mississippi).

We finished off the week with some treat cups.  Of course, I had one student who just couldn't help himself, he had to eat the NOT EDIBLE EASTER GRASS! Yikes, he almost choked when I screamed at him from across the room.

I would love to hear about the fun things you've done in your rooms this week and now...


  1. All of the activities you did sound great! I loved hearing that the child who needed encouragement won the egg contest! You sound like a great teacher! I love your reading your blog and seeing all the fun activities you use! I'm looking for my first teaching job, but when I find one, I will be sure to buy some of your TPT items!

    - Lauren

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  3. Ummm...can I be in your class? Please? I am seriously kinda bummed that our spring break was this week, because we did not get to do anything cutesy for Easter. But I just MIGHT have to "egg" our principals when we get back...what a fun idea!


  4. I love this unit! We enjoyed it this week. You can see my posts on my blog. I love the idea of jumping verses walking - cute idea!

    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

  5. I love everything!! and Happy Spring Break to both of us, hehe! :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  6. Sounds like a funtastic week! Happy Spring Break :)

    My Second Sense



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