Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Candy Rewards

I went to a graduation party this weekend and they had a "candy bar"!  How cute is that?  I wasn't able to snap a picture before the kids and adults attacked the table (literally), but I did find this one online...

So it got me my classroom I use Tootsie Rolls and Skittles for small rewards.  I call Skittles "Smart Skittles" and Tootsie Rolls "Thankful Tootsies".  I give one Smart Skittle out randomly during the day for answers to tough questions and just generally smart observations.  I give "Thankful Tootsies" out for students who do thoughtful things for other students when they think nobody is looking (if someone picks up another student's pencil,  helps them tie their shoe, says excuse me etc).  

After seeing all the fun colorful candy at the candy bar I started thinking about what other catchy reward phrases similar to the above that I could use.  Other candies that I thought would work well would be M&M's, Dots, Mike & Ike's, and Lemon Heads.
So, do any of my fabulous blogger friends have any ideas?  What are you using in your classroom?


  1. We have to limit the candy we use as a reward so we use slips of paper we call wrangler rewards or caught ya being good slips. We use little things like the fun erasers, book marks etc that we can hand out.

    I saw the candy bar at a beach wedding I went to a couple weeks ago- fun idea!

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  2. Unwrap "Smarties" and hand 1 out for being a smartie.



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