Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My summer has officially begun! Woohoooo!  Today is the first full day!  On another exciting note, I see that I now have 98 followers!  Of course this is cause for celebration and what better way to celebrate than with a giveaway! Stay tuned for giveaway details!

For now though, I need some advice.   As I sprung out of bed this morning, I started thinking about writing for next year.  This is where you come in...
I would love hear what you use in your classroom for writing instruction.  The program/structure to follow has always been a challenge at my school and I would love to know what other first grade classrooms are using!  Thank you!


  1. Hi Randi! I actually posted something about my Writer's Workshop a few days ago. I'm presenting at my county's literacy initiative in a few weeks, so I put some materials together & shared them on my blog. I hope that you can find something useful there... you can download it as a pdf! :) Good luck!


  2. Writing- I need to gather more ideas for writing as well! We have had writing trainings this year and the presenter has encouraged us to get a subscription to "Your Big Backyard". I am waiting for it to start coming in the mail (but it won't be until the end of July). I look forward to seeing what you and others post-- maybe we can have a writing linky party?

    We are looking at having a giveaway as well- If you are interested in joining our team, please send us a line!

    Primary Connections

  3. I'm from Texas and we use Write from the Beginning and it basically introduces the students to graphic organizers to kick start the writing process. Like you guys I looked to find ideas to encourage more writing in my room and found an idea from another blog months ago called Quiet 10. Basically students write, draw,sketch etc. whatever they desire anywhere in the room while soft music is playing. They can't talk, get up or color. Everything on their paper has to be focused on their topic of choice. It even requires the teacher to write! My students loved this to a point where when the music came on they would grab their writing journals and pencils and relax and write. Once complete I would write comments in their journals when needed. It really helped my students be more creative and look at writing as an outlet versus just something the teacher wanted them to do. If I can find the post I will send you a link.
    Would love for you to follow me.

  4. Thank you ladies for your feedback. Amanda your document on the subject is amazing. Thank you!

    @ Mrs. Sheppard - I've used WFTB in the past but it makes me feel trapped. I love the Thinking Maps part though. The Quiet 10 sounds interesting and I would love it if you can find the link.



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