Thursday, June 23, 2011

Vote - RtI Training

I've spent the last two days in a training learning how to implement RtI in my school. This is new to our county and I am wondering if any of my blogger friends are required to use RtI in their school. I would also love to hear any feedback you have!  Just leave a comment.  Now, help a girl out and vote!

Does your school use RtI?
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  1. What program are you using? Ours is published by HM (i think!) and then we use AIMSWeb to track all of the data...curious to see what others are doing :)

  2. We began implementing RtI this past year. It was a struggle, but was very worthwhile. We kept a data sheet on each child in a folder or notebook with our evidence to support behind it. We also had any test data (state, local, or class) following behind. We met monthly with our folders and RtI team and also had surprise walk-throughs to check our progress. I personally really liked all the work and watching the data rise with the intervention strategies. We also "had" to discuss each child in RtI at our weekly grade levels which made us all aware of our co-teachers children and we were able to give advice. I'm so sorry I wrote so much! What do you think about it now that you've gone to a training? And.. I teach first grade in Alabama!

  3. We are in the planning stages of implementing PBIS and RtI. I actually just returned from a two day conference about it. It is a big deal in my district because my school is the first to do all of this. I am on the committee and it's tough to relay all this new information back to the rest of the staff.

  4. This was our second year of rti and I have to say we still don't have it right. Every six weeks we met and decided if they needed to move to another tier. I had kids I put in RTI after the first 6 weeks in September and were not in Special Ed until the first week of June. We use Itracker. Teachers use Dibels weekly, comprehension tests to track growth. Then after Tier 2 and no real improvement they move to Tier 3. Basically that means they are in Title 1, a small group working on word patterns, and Read naturally and still not hitting benchmarks. Our district is not doing it right and the kids are suffering for it. I personally think they are trying to keep as many kids as they can out of special ed as possible.

  5. we have started to implement but are not perfect. my k team and I used our calendar time (feb-may) to use as rti time. there are 3 of us and once a week, each one of us did calendar for all 3 classes while the other 2 pulled kids for intervention. it was a good 1 hr a week that we had to work with kids while the others were not in the room. worked very well for us!

  6. i thought this gave some helpful info



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