Sunday, October 28, 2012

MPM School Supplies & 10% off

I was recently contacted by a company MPM School Supplies to go shopping in return for my honest review of their website.  I always get excited about offers like these and then a little nervous because I might have to write something not so flattering about the company or their product.  
Thankfully, this company is great and so was my experience. 

As soon as you go to their website, you have many options to begin searching.  My favorite spot to search from was the pop up menu from the "Teacher Supplies" tab.  When you go to this tab you are given the option to search for supplies by grade level. This is where I began.  I browsed the first grade section while searching for no items in particular....then I found it! Something I had forgotten that I had been searching for. A class set of 100 boards that measure 11 x 11 and have a numbered side and a blank side. 

I was so excited to find these at a reasonable price that this made my shopping experience even better.  I use these for almost every math lesson.  I have been borrowing them from another teacher for most of the year.  I'm sure she was excited that I finally found my own.   

This website was user friendly with easy search screens.  When I wanted to start a search over it was easy to go back to the home page and choose another way to search.  I also felt that they had a pretty wide variety of items to choose from.
In the end I found a couple great items that I've already put to use in my classroom. When I went to checkout, it was even easier than shopping.  Boxes to be filled in, popped up and were easy to read and understand.  To make everything even better, my order was placed on Saturday and arrived on Monday.  I was a little surprised since I ordered two posters and I knew they would be comping in a larger box.

I would and am recommending MPM School Supplies to my readers for their teaching supply needs.  MPM School Supplies is offering 10% of to the first 10 readers who choose to go shopping. 

If you are interested in shopping and want 10% off, click the link below and get started.

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  1. Hi Randi!

    We're so excited that you took part in our promotion and that you had a positive shopping experience with MPM School Supplies! It looks like you were able to find some useful products and we appreciate that you took time out of your busy schedule help us out!

    On a side note, I'm always curious at how our emails are received, and I can see how it might be nerve wracking! We are, however, very grateful to hear about all of it - the good AND the bad. We do everything we can in order to create a positive user experience, but any and all feedback from actual users is invaluable and we thank you again for sharing your thoughts!

    Have a lovely holiday season,



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