Monday, August 11, 2014

Back to school video party and GIVEAWAY!

I am SERIOUSLY excited (and a little bit nervous) about this post. 

You see, my blogging friends and I at the Primary Chalkboard wanted to do something BIG for back to school for you.

BIG I'm talking, BIGWe decided to throw a party.

YES! It is a YouTube Partaaaaay!

Have you ever wondered what I sound like? Well now is your chance to hear and see me in action.

Well, I get by with a little help from my friends and we are here sharing lots of tips -- organizational, DIY, helpful ideas-- lots of things you can do RIGHT NOW to make your back to school a little easier!

Would anyone like a....

$100 Amazon Gift Card
$100 TeachersPayTeachers Gift Card
A fabulous Michael Kors bag 
(you know, the one you want but can't justify spending the money for)?
I thought so.

You can EVEN gain EXTRA entries in the giveaway by watching our videos and entering our SECRET WORDS into the Rafflecopter (but I know you were going to do that anyway, so... 2 birds, 1 stone).

We will be linking up 5 new videos every day this week... so you can come back, watch, and enter every day!

Here is my back to school video tip! Click the picture below to be taken to my brand new YOU TUBE channel!!!

And don't forget to head over to the Primary Chalkboard to enter our giveaway!

You can come back every day this week to watch more fabulous videos and gain more entries!


  1. This is so clever and I looks so cute! Love organizational tips like this - thank you! : )

  2. Great tip Randi!! I never thought about using soap boxes to store crayons before. Thank you!!

  3. Love it! And I don't think that 6th graders are too old to benefit from this. Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Totally clever! I love containers (have a million of them in my classroom!) and this is one kids will love to use! Thank you!

  5. Love the soap box idea! We put cards in ours, never thought of crayons! So cool! Thanks for sharing!
    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  6. Awesome ideas, Randi. I bet the kids really like having their own little, personalized containers too. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Love this idea for keeping our supplies organized!

  8. I love this tip, especially the part about the rolling crayons! What a great way to store crayons!

  9. I never thought about using alternative storage methods for crayons. Those huge pencil boxes are so big and bulky.

  10. Randi!!!!!!! I have those EXACT soap boxes...EXTRA! Love, love, love! Can't wait to use this tip!

  11. Soap boxes for crayons is fantastic. I have used them for playing cards but never for crayons! Thanks for the tip!
    The Schroeder Page

  12. Greeting! Your experience is great! I also use soap boxes for crayons:) Visit to make sure that we are number one in providing truly amazing academic essays!

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