Friday, April 25, 2014

Go Noodle before you go home!

GoNoodle before you go home! If you haven't heard about this great interactive website yet, allow me to introduce you to it.  It's life changing!'s at least classroom changing! Yes. Yes I am wearing my very own GoNoodle t-shirt! 


GoNoodle is a FREE site for classroom brain breaks.  It sounds simple, but it's so much more...your class joins the site and picks fun characters to GoNoodle with.  The character keeps track of class progress and keeps the kiddos motivated.  The activities range from relaxing brain breaks to energizing ones to burn off some energy.  

There are a variety of activities to choose from and each activity and each character brings something new to the screen.  Right now we're working with "Freckles Sinclair" and he's adorable and hilarious. Freckles helps us keep track of our minutes and even takes us to educational places around the globe.  We are in North Carolina and one of the first places Freckles took us to was Kitty Hawk, NC! It's as though Freckles and I are sharing a brain.  Integrating curriculum into our brain breaks-GENIUS! 

Another exciting part that I'm enjoying is the detail of each brain break.  This week we chose a dance brain break.  I selected "Hammer Time" out of curiosity.  The brain break was excellent and to me, who grew up with MC Hammer and Hammer Time dancing it was extra fun.  I felt like myself and Freckles Sinclair had a little secret.  The kiddos didn't really understand the humorous undertones in this one but I sure did! 

Don't waste anymore time! 
Click the picture below to start your own FREE account.  

Wait! I have more amazing news...GoNoodle is offering a paid subscription to one of YOU!  It is a $99 value. The Free site is wonderful but there are some extra unique elements to the paid subscription.  Signing up is easy.  Just click HERE to sign up for GoNoodle because you will need to enter your GoNoodle User Name.  When you're done, click the my picture below to head to our rafflecopter on Primary Chalkboards. Good Luck!  


  1. I stumbled upon Go Noodle 2 weeks ago during our autumn break. Can't wait to try it with the Little Learners. In fact I was so excited by it that I have already emailed my colleagues so they can have a go too! Great post, you really highlighted the essence of Go Noodle.
    Julie :-)
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

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