Friday, March 7, 2014

Book Report Booklet

What do we do in 2nd grade? 
We write.

 We read and then we write about what we read.  Then we do it again and again and again.   

No worries, we do fundamental subjects like math, science, and social studies too.  

THEN, we write about it.  

Thankfully, I understand that better writers make better readers and these are really important amazing skills we're learning over in Room 4.  However, I also realize it can get old too.  In NC, we use MCLASS testing for our students to determine their reading levels (TRC). With this testing, there is a heavy emphasis on the written comprehension component.  In order for a student to pass the test at their reading level they must answer 5 oral questions and 2 written questions.  Then the computer does it's magic trick with the scores and out pops a reading level.  The big thing to know is that the written component carries a lot of weight for this testing.  This is why we write about what we read ALL. OF. THE. TIME.  I recently created 
Book Report Booklets as my newest way to build some excitement.  My kiddos don't seem as bored when I ask them to answer the same text questions over and over again so long as I do it in a few different ways. Hopefully these can help you out in your classroom too! 

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