Monday, August 13, 2012

Teachers On the Run

Have you heard of Color Me Rad? No? Well, neither had I.  I found a picture on Pinterest and had to know  more.  

The bottom line, is this is a 5K run that is just for fun! You start out wearing white and you get color thrown on you at each K of the run.  No worries, this is a non-toxic, non-rash-inducing, Kroger branded, colored corn-starch. Doesn't this look like the time of your life? I should stop here to  mention that I am not a runner.  I will never be a runner.  I do have a mean speed walk though ;) 
A large group of teachers that I work with, are going to do this run with me! We have created a group called "Teachers on the Run" and we are very excited.  To make this day even better, we are recruiting local teachers.  I thought I would post this on my blog in case I have some silent stalkers out there that I haven't talked to yet. 

If you are a local reader and would like to join us feel free to message me for details.  We want as many people as we can get.  

If you are a reader from a far away land....we'll miss you.  Don't be too sad though, you can click on the link above and find the run in a city near you!  


  1. Randi, a girlfriend of mine did this a couple of years back and I've wanted to EVER SINCE!!! It looks fun! Too bad I'm in AZ, or I'd go with you guys!

    The Hands-On Teacher in First!

  2. Are you doing the Raeigh race? I'm also running this race!! It would be fun to meet up if you are doing the Raleigh race. I have a few teacher friends running too!!

  3. I just heard about this - and I really want to do one near my home! Let us know how it goes!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  4. Yayyy! I'm so excited. I wanted to do a run very similar called the color run, but it is in charlotte in november and I was too late signing up. :( This is awesome because I'm about an hour east of Raleigh in Asheboro..messaging you now! :D


  5. I have a teacher team in Virginia...for The Color Run. For Virginia girls who are interested in running...we are running/ walking in Richmond and we are team...Cray-o-la-la. Password...Moncure.
    Come join us.

  6. That looks like a blast!!! I'm in and could pull a few teachers from my school together, just let me know details. -Kristi

    Lucky in Learning



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