Thursday, May 10, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Day 5 (freebie)

Teacher Appreciation Day 5

I've made another freebie for you! I hope that you have enjoyed my week of teacher appreciation ideas and that you have shared the love with other teachers.  I would have love to have posted items sooner but I just couldn't do it and ruin the surprise for my girls (first grade team)! If you weren't able to use them this year, I hope you can use them next year.  
I also want to scream a huge THANK YOU for all of your support on TPT during the sale this week.  There were so many wonderful sweet comments and each one means so much.  Also, for anyone who was worried, I didn't lose any children today but I sure am one exhausted teacher tonight! 

Click the picture to be taken to your FREE download. 


  1. So cute! I will be using this next year. :) Thanks for sharing all week!!

    Hello Mrs Sykes

  2. I so used your ideas this week! I am a last minute girl so they came in handy! Will be saving the ones I didn't use for later. Thank you soooo much!

  3. All of these ideas are so cute!! Thanks for posting them! :) I definitely plan on using them next year.


  4. Thank you for the freebies. They are adorable. I am your newest follower :)

    Have a good day,
    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  5. Such a cute idea! Your blog is great! I am your newest follower! Maybe when you can a chance, you can pass by my page. :)

    Teachers Give a Hoot

  6. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!!!
    Stop by sometime! :)
    Jenny B
    Funtastic Fun in First Grade

  7. These are so awesome! Just outta curiosity, what city in NC are you teaching? I've been applying throughout the state in hopes of moving down and getting a job. Jobs are scarce in Ohio and mine is cut for next year so NC looks appealing! :)


  8. I'm glad I found your blog through the "Top Teachers" FB link! I would love it if you could stop by my blog when you get a minute.



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