Thursday, March 29, 2012

I have a favor to ask you...

Remember Heather that I blogged about from the NC blog meet up??? 
She has jumped with both feet into the blog world! Her new custom blog is too cute for words! The name of her blog is Creating Bookworms. She currently has one follower...little old me. Show her how awesome and inspiring the blog community is ~ run over there and give her some love!!!

We all have been in her shoes...  so click the adorable button below and follow her! 

Diana from Custom Blog Designs designed both of our blogs.  If you haven't checked her work out, you should. She is super talented and has packages especially for teachers.  She has packages with creative little names like "Teachers Pet Package" and "Head of the Class Package" ~ you can see already how she "gets us"!


  1. Done and done:)
    Her graphics are fabulous!

    Going Nutty!

  2. Great blog! Heading over to "Creating Book Worms" next! Please stop by mine if you get a chance. I'd love some tips, as I am new to blogging as well! Thanks!

  3. Another blog added to my faves and I'm now a follower as well. :)



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