Friday, November 11, 2011

Harrison Ford wants you to read...

Does your school library ever clean and giveaway goodies???
Well...mine does.  
A fellow teacher of mine snatched this enormous framed poster  goody up when that clean out time came.  Myself and another coworker teased her about  this.  We both left her room laughing about her treasure.    Well, low and  behold a few months later this teacher has retired from our school. I go into her old room today and there he is....Harrison Ford...loud and proud hanging on the wall in the classroom!

The copyright on the poster reads 1990 (yes, I had to get up close and check).  
I have  nothing  against celebrities promoting reading, it just strikes me as funny since (21 years later) Harrison Ford does NOT look like this anymore! 

There you have my randomness for the day! 


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