Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Consider yourself warned...Pinterest!

(one of my recent pins!!!)

Lindsey @  The Teacher Wife has just gotten me hooked on Pinterest!!  This place is amazing and it's my new addiction.  I believe it may be the be all end all of organizing the internet!!!  

You must have an invite to get started and I would love to do this for you...but consider yourself warned!  Soon we will just be one big happy pinterest family!

You can email me @ or add a comment on this post with your email. 

You can read all about it from some amazing bloggers 
here (The Teacher Wife)
here (What the Teacher Wants)
and here (Pencils, Glue, & Tying Shoes)!


  1. I would love an invite!

  2. I would love an invite as well!
    thank you!

  3. I am on pinterest but think I must be missing something. Why does everyone else stuff show up on my page?

  4. It's not like a need a new addiction, but send me an invite. I want to see what all the fuss is about. :)

    Simply 2nd Resources

  5. I would love an invite to check it out!

  6. @Heidi - It's so you can find things that interest you an pin them on your boards. At the top right corner you should see tabs that show your boards/pins. Let me know if you need any other help.
    @Becca I can't find your e-mail :)
    @Mrs. Carson - I sent you an invite :)

  7. Hey Randi, I'm addicted too. I have the iphone app and find myself looking at photos all the time.

  8. i would love to be invited!



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