Sunday, May 15, 2011

If I ran the ZOO!

I want to thank Deanna Jump for her amazing Zoo Animals unit!  We will start our 3 week unit tomorrow using many of her fabulous and creative ideas.  I am so excited to start this unit I feel like I have been waiting for Christmas to arrive!  In honor of the theme I had my toes painted in a ZEBRA print!  I know my kids will love it! They often sit at the carpet when I am in my rocking chair and find it highly amusing to play with my feet, toes, and shoes!  There is one every year who always announces when I have changed my toe nail polish color! I heart first grade! 

(I apologize for those of you who don't like feet...I understand but just had to share)


  1. Love the toenails. So true about 1st graders always noticing :)


  2. Your toenails look great! I am obsessed with keeping mine painted! My sister introduced me to the COOLEST thing EVER...I don't even have words to describe them, but they're what I'm wearing on my toes now:
    Have you heard about them yet??
    Ladybug's Teacher Files



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