Sunday, March 27, 2011

Word Problem Practice

Sunday night we meet again  :)
My picture won't upload......the link still works!

My class will be reviewing addition and subtraction word problems soon!  I have created a practice book for them to work on all week.  It was created to be 1/2 a sheet of paper staples as a booklet.  I am giving the refresher lesson using the amazing addition and subtraction key words from  The Teacher Wife! Thank you!  I will give students strips of word problems to glue into their books and show their work.  Also, note that we will be learning about plants the same week so the cover and words problems will be plant related.  By the end of the week I hope for them to be writing their own problems.  Thanks for looking.


  1. Are your word problem strips something you can post too? Love your ideas and thank you for sharing!! =)

  2. Yes, I can post them! I will do it later today. Thanks for your interest :) Happy Monday.

  3. I would like the word problems too. We do this daily. I too downloaded and copied the key words and am making a class anchor chart.



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